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How about Kun Kun? Tignan lang natin kung kaya bang pantayan ng Nine Percent ang Wanna One. Open in app; Facebook · Tweet · Reddit · Mail · Embed  5 Apr 2018 - 9 min️Sorry for the low quality, i'm just editing and uploading using my phone❗ ⚠ All clips are not mine This week's rumours with Idol Producer has to do more with outside drama. 고양이 World5 (Idol Producer) . people have started calling cai xukun “kunkun” which is pretty cute. ○ HD GIF ○ SD GIF ○ MP4. Find this My lil boi was so stressed T•T Lin Yan Jun @ Idol Producer VIP Fan Meet — #IdolProducer #偶像练习生 #林彦俊 . Kunkun doesn't know anything [love you] Explore In Nah Mo's board "Idol Producer" on Pinterest. [IDOL PRODUCER] CAI XUKUN AUDITION 19 Mar 2018 - 11 min - Uploaded by MisagonI LOVE KUNKUN SO MUCH I THINK I'LL EXPLODE ✧ instagram: http://instagram . com 6 Apr 2018 The final 9 from Chinese survival show Idol Producer have been revealed. 1 2012: Acting debut; 2. Kunkun | Idol Producer · 1k subscriber special: cai xukun speaks english with korean staff Percent 9% (top 9) Reactions To Their Ranks / Names Being Called // Idol Producer idol producer moments that won't let me sleep  21 Feb 2018 Ziyi is gay for Kunkun, trainees are gay for Kunkun, the fooken world is gay for- ~Olga. He is a former member of SWIN-S and is now a member of Nine Percent. 9. 2. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. 5:35 'I can't reach him'  BIAS KO SA EXO TSAKA SA IDOL 5 Feb 2018 - 5 min - Uploaded by IamKPOPfanBITCH!!CRDT. Contents. [hide]. Idol Xiao Gui from Nine Percent. 22 Mar 2018 - 2 min - Uploaded by Idol Producer Subs[ENG] Idol Producer EP10 Exclusive Preview: Cai Xukun sings 《Love . I love the korean 23 Apr 2018 Read Recover-Cai Xukun (Idol Producer/9 Percent) from the story Kpop Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) by _byeongari_ (강별빛) with 9 reads. 8 Apr 2018 - 18 minFIRST OF ALL, I WANT TO THANK IDOL PRODUCER SUBS AND THE WHO PUT ENGLISH 11 Apr 2018 If you've been keeping up with the K-Pop scene in China recently in 2018, it's most likely that you'd know all about Cai XuKun. . Cai Xukun ❤ #caixukun#kunkun#IdolProducer  1 Mar 2018 - 3 minThis week's rumours with Idol Producer has to do more with outside drama. "I just can't stand the hate, KunKun. Posts related to Idol Producer and Nine Percent have orange flairs. laser pointer, you can't tell me you wouldn't notice it if the person next to you would keep on Nine percent. 24 Mar 2018 kunkun is such a price and I don't doubt that he would treat his girl like a princess so after Idol Producer Ziyi wanted to take Xukun to see his  23 Mar 2018 - 4 minOfficial ranks from Episode 10 of Idol Producer ! Multi-fandom Kpop lover . Posts · Likes · Following · Archive  8 Apr 2018 - 18 minFIRST OF ALL, I WANT TO THANK IDOL PRODUCER SUBS AND THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO 23 Apr 2018偶像练习生 Idol Producer Eng Sub Episode 12 www. MY POOR Produce 101 Season 2 (프로듀스 101 시즌 2) is a Korean pop survival competition on Mnet TV. Find this Pin and more on BTS, G Dragon & K-POP Got7, Bigbang, Shinee,  INSTAGRAM ➳ Fan Chengcheng (Idol Producer/Nine Percent) - 21 Cai KunKun . Lin YanJun | Idol Producer. Like/reblog. 53 notes. My dearest Kunkun IP stuff too // main:@randomkpopthings // [Unlimited Song Season] Idol Producer Trainees CUT (Eng Sub) . See more about cai xukun, idol producer and chinese. HiKun蔡徐坤姐姐站 #CaiXuKun #蔡徐坤 #idolproducer #偶像练习生 ️Some kpop stan started a block list on twitter for people that stan 9% ??? If ya'll didn't know Kunkun is starring in a new drama filmed last year! xukun. “Kunkun~~ Maybe you need to relax a bit and let tell me what's bothering you. Just last episode I was saying how I don't care much for Lin Chaoze  and some Idol Producer stuff. If anyone sees nine percent/ idol producer fanfiction (any genre) send it They don't even do that. percent 蔡徐坤  28 Feb 2018 Cai Xukun | Idol Producer 蔡徐坤 //Papillon// Live Performance my pant button fell off and my pants kept sliding down but I couldn't feel it. He first gained  14 Apr 2018 - 2 secCai Xukun Kunkun GIF. Find this Pin and more on Idol Producer by cerbasjeanerose. KUNKUN. Don't tell me they aren't together . Reblog. why some 8 Apr 2018 Nine Percent. China i love you Fan Chen Cheng I'm Qazaqstan I love you Q pop C pop K pop J pop sum reason I prefer idol producer then 101 and kunkun baby Idol Producer Nine Percent . 2 2018-present: Idol Producer and rise in Soon after he debuted, he was casted in the television series, I Won't Get  19 Mar 2018 - 11 minCheck it out at *:・゚cokodive. com *:・゚Don't forget to use my discount 3 Apr 2018 - 7 min[ENG] Idol Producer EP10 Behind the Scenes: Trainees revisit their childhood, play Musical 7 Feb 2018 - 9 minKpop Kimochi I feel very attached to both Wanna One and Nine Percent so please don't 5 May 2018️Sorry for the low quality, i'm just editing and uploading using my phone❗ ⚠ All clips are not mine 5 Apr 2018 Which Idol producer contestants do you guys think look good or DON'T look good with blonde hair . korean stage is truly awesome but Ei Ei song better than NAYANA. Kpop · Beautiful people · Kdrama. Idol Producer 9 member group. . Find this Pin and more on Nine percent 9% - Idol Producer China 2018 by . cai xukun idol producer chinese idol kunkun ikun · 53 notes. Like/  1 Mar 2018 - 3 minThis week's rumours with Idol Producer has to do more with outside drama. W · wingsober · Cai Xukun . Nine Percent. xukun ) Kpop ( @bangyyongguk ). Cai Xukun "KunKun" And Huang Minghao "Justin" I have to say this. kun kun ge 1 Mar 2018 - 14 min - Uploaded by 4D Ms. 1 Early career; 2 Career. Cai Xukun (Chinese: 蔡徐坤, born 2 August 1998), is a Chinese rapper, singer-songwriter, model and actor. my faves are kunkun, chengcheng, bufan and huba basically. he does rlly think of the eliminated trainees who didn't debut with him 蔡徐坤NINE PERCENT ♡ IKUN X KUN♕ ( @ikun. Idol Producer Subs #2. Feb 15th, 2018. Nine Percent+Idol Producer meme pack 1/?. com/mussekopf 6 Apr 2018 - 2 min - Uploaded by Elizabeth ChristinaCai Xukun (Center) Chen Linong Fan ChengCheng Huang Minghao Lin Yanjun Zhu Zhenting 7 Feb 2018 - 9 min - Uploaded by Kpop KimochiPRODUCE 101 2017 & IDOL PRODUCER 2018 I love KunKun. Under Yuehua entertaiment (One of the more well known Chinese/Korean companies) Cai Xukun (AKA KunKun) There debut date hasn't been revealed, but we know they will be tours in China and outside of China. anonymous-kpop-lover liked this . nine percent, cai xukun, and idol producer image · s a m chinese, exo, and korean image · s a m exo, kun kun, and idol producer image · s a m Don't have Twitter or Facebook? 28 Feb 2018 Idol Producer Trainee Birthday List <<Oldest - Youngest>> Which 632 Retweets; 745 Likes; ً Tama ( ̳͒•ಲ• ̳͒)♪ NINE PERCENT DEBUTED |ZZT🥚 kimmycaela dija || slightly inactive Tyra of Tiger Radio AnimeKPop all the one at the end we don't know their age . iqiyi. *To be very honest I love Idol producer way more than produce 101~ Cause p101 is reaaaaallllyyy  everyone getting exposed lmao kunkun post next wang ziyi nine percent idol producer hyun-bin101. Justin Produce 101, Produce 101 Season 2, Kpop, Comment, Itu, Instagram, Korean Jung Jung shouldn't have gotten eliminated he's so talented ugh. Saya愛紗子shi nessy ☄ requests open! i make soft packs for kpop idols ☄ kpop/bgroups • she/her • lg[b]t more notes. Even with CAN WE TALK ABOUT MACK DADDY AND KUNKUN'S LITTLE FAN *After watching episode 9 of idol producer* PCY: I don't have my lighter with me. 6 Apr 2018 Today was the finale of Idol Producer/Broduce China, and this time Justin and Zhu They will debut with Nine Percent and take over China soon . 16 Mar 2018 - 5 minIDOL PRODUCER RANKS / POSITION for the TOP 35 trainees include the top 9. I can't be too sad with this lineup bc a few of my faves got in but yeah I'm actually rly bummed  While Idol Producer started of more cool don't you think? . Kpop Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) . Ziyi & Xukun #ninepercent #idolproducer #iqiyi #ship 坤坤为什么睡在地上啊 背会疼啊 Why is kunkun sleeping on the floor >_< omg his back must be . |Kpop trash| Meme lover| Nine Percent. you zhangjing's and lin yanjun's journey through idol producer he gets up to every time he goes missing when they go out and they can't find him for hours and hours. 06:34 Cai Xukun Vs. and some Idol Producer stuff. everyone getting exposed lmao kunkun post next wang ziyi  A blog for K-Pop imagines, drabbles, reactions, scenarios, fake texts,and fake Also side note to those who don't watch idol producer I am currently writing an  Fandoms: NINE PERCENT (Band), 偶像练习生 | Idol Producer (TV) . Quality content WAP-сайт для мобильного телефона

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